Apple on the way of bringing foldable iPhone

For smartphone enthusiasts, 2019 will be a special year. On one hand, some smartphones makers are trying their best to integrate 5G network on their new devices, and on the other hand, some companies are on planning to bring smartphones with a foldable screen.

Besides, Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, and Motorola have already announced bringing a fold-able smartphone. According to sources, Apple Inc. has recently filed for fold-able phone design. But, Apple has already filed for a similar patent in 2011, but it has made the recent update in the patent.

The patent which was recently registered in the United States Patent And Tradesmen Office (USPTO) was recently made public on 14th February.
The design depicted in the patent has shown the specification with fold-able design including some design information.

The sketch of the patent has also revealed that it is going to have an edge to edge display similar to iPhone X. The new iPhone is rumoured to be named wrap-around iPhone.

The new iPhone will not have a home button as well as there will be no headphone jack. Instead of real buttons, there will be virtual buttons available on this all-new design.

For the elasticity required for folding, the iPhone will have OLED display.
According to news, the new iPhone could be folded from the top and bottom. The expected release date for this all-new iPhone design is yet to be revealed.

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