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  • Good news for “beard’holders” Lesser chance of getting these diseases

    by Guffady - Feb 18 5239 Views 0 Comment

    These days it has become a trend for college teenagers and officeholders to get a beard. Most of the young guys lengthen their beard as an interest but recent scientific study has show that the importance of beard is more than cool looks.

    A study done by the University of Queensland has proved that facial hair can drastically decrease the chance of getting cancer. The facial hairs protect your face from getting direct UV rays from the sun and 90 to 95 % of harmful UV rays are blocked by the beard.

    Besides this, the beard also has other health benefits like protecting you from an unnecessary problem of allergy. Thus protecting you from numerous harmful diseases.

    The people with the beard looked much younger than those without a beard, the study showed. Not only this, but the beard also safeguards yours from all kind of facial skin issues like scars, marks and aches.

    Wow !! sounds great, isn’t it?

    So, if anyone tells you to chop off your beard, show him this link.
    Happy no-shaving guys !!

    Let there be more ‘beer’.. oh, sorry ‘beard’. Cheers beard holders !!

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