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  • Who is Roelly Winklaar: The Beast Bodybuilder? Why is he in Nepal?

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    Roelly Winklaar, a renowned name in the world of bodybuilding arrived in Nepal on Wednesday. Known as “The Beast“, he arrived in Nepal as a guest for the IFBB Professional Body Building Championship League Pro qualifier competition organized on Saturday at Academy Hall, Kamaladi.

    He may be the only big bodybuilding star who has ever arrived in Nepal and critics believe it is a huge thing for Nepali and Nepalese people.
    This Dutch superstar has achieved third place in “Mister Olympia“: A World Cup in the bodybuilding arena. He is also the champion of “Arnold Classic” for the year of 2018.

    In the competition of Pro- qualifier, a participant from 15 countries including Nepal competed. The competition included four major genres: Men’s Physique, Men’s Classic Physique, Men’s Body Building and Woman’s Physique.

    Born in 1977, he was also awarded, People’s champion of 2018 by fan vote.
    5 feet 7 in tall superstar was born in Dutch colonial island in the Caribbean. His father died in a tragic motorbike accident when he was four years old. His mother could not bear the situation like this, so a year later they moved to the Netherlands.

    Roelly Winklaar Great Body Builder show in Nepal

    Roelly wasn’t a pro bodybuilder until 2004. But it all changed when he had near-death experience at a fatal car crash.

    After coming alive off the hospital bed, he then realized that it was time for him to pursue his career in bodybuilding. Maybe this tragedy of not getting love from his father has made him stronger.

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