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  • The Best 11 Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2019

    by Guffady - Feb 18 5239 Views 0 Comment

    How are you making money from your Blog? Probably most of the bloggers monetize a blog with Adsense or other Adsense alternatives. To make money from a blog, you ought to join a top affiliate program for bloggers.

    If you are a blogger and thinking about to earn money online through the affiliate marketing program then here is an informative content for you to know.

    • What is Affiliate marketing?
    • How does a blogger get Affiliate?
    • What are the high paying affiliate programs for bloggers?
    • How to join an Affiliate Marketing program?
    • How much can a blogger earn from the affiliate program?

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate Marketing is a digital marketing program that will pay a commission for promoting and selling (“digital or physical” ) products. You will receive a commission for every sale through your affiliate link.

    Affiliate Marketing is the most profit-making program for bloggers.

    Affiliate Marketing program can be the best high paying Adsense alternative for you.

    How to start Affiliate Marketing?

    1. Find out high paying affiliate programs.
    2. Choose the best affiliate program for your blog.
    3. Find the products you want to promote.
    4. Place a product-specific link inside a blog that will track visitors who clicked your link.
    5. Create Content that makes a sell. If you’ve chosen a new mobile, then create a review blog of that mobile with its features and price.

    Revenue from the affiliate program depends on blog traffic and how you are promoting a merchant’s product on your blog.

    Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

    Check out the top affiliate networks to grow your blog revenue. These affiliate programs can help you to generate up to $300 per sale, $30 per lead, and $25 commission instantly.

    best afffiliate programs for bloggers 2019

    1. Maxbounty Affiliate Program

    MaxBounty is the best high-paying (Cost per acquisition) CPA affiliate marketing program for bloggers. It is a performance-based affiliate program that provides different amazing offers, and highly valued affiliate commission.

    It is best to choose a $1.50-$10 CPA per sale offer while starting affiliate marketing with Maxbounty Affiliate program,

    2. ShareASale

    ShareASale affiliate is a top affiliate program for bloggers in 2019. If you are a blogging expert with thousands of readers, then ShareASale is the right choice for you.

    ShareASale has been a popular affiliate market network among bloggers since it offers high pay-per-sale, pay-per-click, and pay-per-lead. It has 4k+ affiliate programs spanning 40+ different categories.

    Here is my income report,

    income report ShareASale affiliate

    ShareASale provides $150 for each qualifying merchant signed up through your links. The merchant program must either be 6 months old (from point of activation on the network) or have generated $100 in-network fees (whichever comes first) for you to receive the $150.

    ShareASale also gives $30 for each qualified affiliate that signs up through your link. This affiliate must sign up with as an affiliate, and generate at least $20 in commission in order for you to receive the $30.

    Top ShareASale Affiliate Programs for Bloggers:

    • Computers/Electronics(Hardware-Software)
    • Domain Names
    • Insurance
    • Career & Jobs
    • Marketing Network
    • Web Hosting
    • E-Books & Media
    • Search Engine Submission
    • Grammarly
    • Tailwind Tribes

    If you want to generate passive income from blogging, then join the ShareASale affiliate program. To be a part of the ShareASale Affiliate program you need to wait for 1 to 2 working days.

    3. HostGator Affiliate

    HostGator Affiliate Program for bloggers

    Hostgator is a high-paying best affiliate program that offers the best hosting service with quality customer support for customers and high-paying offers & referrals for you.

    You can easily join to Hostgator affiliate network without a hosting account. It can take 3-4 working days for approval.

    By placing a trackable link in the blog, your blog will be converted into an online money generator machine. You can use a check, Paypal or ACH to get paid.

    4. BlueHost

    Similar to Hostgator BlueHost is a high-paying affiliate program for bloggers. It is free and easy to join which gives you a reliable tracking code so you will earn &65 for each qualified sign-up.

    To receive payment from BlueHost affiliate, you need to have only two qualified sales since the minimum threshold is $100.

    BlueHost paid $5 Million+ commission last year to its affiliate partners, now it’s your turn to earn Rs. 50,000 per month by joining the BlueHost Affiliate program.

    5. CJ Affiliate Program

    CJ (Commission Junction) is a very popular affiliate marketplace. CJ affiliate program is user-friendly as ShareASale. The minimum payout in CJ is $50 only, and you can get paid via check or bank deposit.

    CJ allows you to select a product based on different blog niche and category.

    Top categories in CJ Affiliate program:

    • Accessories
    • Art/Music/Photo
    • Business
    • Computer & Electronic Gadgets
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • Marketing
    • Online Services
    • Games & Toys
    • Telecommunications

    6. Ultimate Bundles

    Ultimate Bundles is the best affiliate marketplace that offers digital products. If you want to sell e-books, online courses, worksheets, and other digital content, then the Ultimate Bundle is the right place for you.

    The Ultimate Bundles offers a 40% discount for all bundles when you sign up to become a member of an Affiliate program, and you will earn a 40% commission per lead.

    Different bundles available are:

    • Photography
    • Ultimate Healthy Living
    • The Genius Blogger’s toolkit
    • Homemaking
    • Meal Planning
    • Productivity

    7. Flex Offers

    Flex offers an affiliate network that includes quality advertisers with top brands. With Flex offers you will earn up to 50% of the profit per-sale.

    For lifestyle bloggers, FlexOffers affiliate network program is the right marketplace to make money from blogging and affiliate marketing.

    Top Categories in Flex Offers affiliate marketing program:

    • Automotive
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Electronic
    • Home & Garden
    • Lifestyle and Recreation
    • Seasonal Promotions
    • Travel
    • Digital Content/Products
    • Insurance
    • Shopping
    • Mobile
    • Finance

    8. Amazon Associates

    Amazon associates affiliate for bloggers

    Amazon associates is a profitable affiliate marketing program for both blogging expert and newbie bloggers. It is free and easy to join as a member of the Associate’s program.

    Amazon associate is simple and easy to use, but it pays only 10% commission per qualified sale.

    9. Creative Market

    If you have a blog related to design, photography, pets then Creative Market will be the right marketplace to monetize your blog with the affiliate link of the Creative Market Affiliate program.

    Creative Market offers 10% commission per qualified sales. Isn’t it a pretty low rate?

    Wait Creative Market allows you to earn a 10% commission on every other purchase that your referred customer makes for an entire year.

    Top Digital Design Products of Creative Market:

    • Photos:- Art/Holiday/People/Sports/Technology
    • Graphics:- Illustration/Icons/Objects/Texture
    • WordPress Themes, Plugins
    • Cards, Logo, Presentation
    • 3D Character and Objects

    10. VigLink

    VigLink is a great e-commerce website with 70k+ merchants with In-Text Advertising network feature to monetize your blog.

    For example, you have a fashion blog, and you write about seasonable outfits, handbags, activewear for a gym.

    VigLink works by converting your external links into affiliate links. If a visitor makes a qualified purchase from your outbound link, then you will earn a commission from it.

    11. Grammarly Affiliate

    Earn big promoting Grammarly. Get a $25 activation bonus with the Grammarly affiliate program.

    Grammarly affiliate

    Grammarly affiliate is the best CPA based affiliate program for bloggers who are looking for high paying referral programs that pay you $0.20 per free registration and $20 per premium upgrade.

    You can also receive a $25 immediate activation bonus by writing a unique review blog with no grammatical mistakes and placing Grammarly banners.

    grammarly affiliate activation bonus

    How to get $25 activation bonus as Grammarly affiliate?

    To join the Grammarly affiliate program and get a quick activation bonus, follow the following steps.

    • Go to Grammarly Affiliate sign Up page.
    • Fill up the necessary credentials.
    • Join the Grammarly affiliate program and wait for a welcome email.
    • Request for a free one-month premium upgrade offer by sending an email.
    • Take the advantage of premium Grammarly to create a unique Grammarly review blog representing Grammarly in a professional and relevant manner.
    • Proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling should be used.
    • Place links/banners on the blog.
    • Reply back to the welcome email to receive your $25 Grammarly affiliate activation bonus.

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