8 ways to Earn Money Online in Nepal

Are you thinking about to earn online money as a part time job?

Here you are getting the best 8 ways to earn money online from home. These 8 ideas are long-term online money making techniques.

Best 8 ways to Earn Money Online from home in Nepal

1. AdSense:

If you have a website or Blog and if you can write English Content then Google AdSense is best option to make money online.

Google AdSense is product of Google and High-Paying Ads network. Cost per Click of AdSense is higher than other Ads network. You can withdraw money from your AdSense account when Total amount is reached 100$.

But to show ads in your blog or website, you must approve Google AdSense for your website. To get AdSense approval on your website you must :

  1. write Unique Articles.
  2. The Nepali Language is not supported so you must write High-Quality English Articles.
  3. Content must be more than 300 words.
  4. Photos must be unique.
  5. Blog/website must be responsive and user-friendly.
  6. Daily minimum 50 to 100 Post Views.

When you got approval, you must be care about these things to make your adsense safe:

  1. Self-Click is not allowed.
  2. VPN is illegal.
  3. Adult Content is not allowed.
  4. Content must be Unique.

2. Youtube:

With youtube channel, you can earn online money by participating in Youtube Monetization Program.

Share what you know about, or any kind of technical, entertainment and news video. In these days, Internet users all over the world are choosing video content rather than a reading blog. So this is the platform where you can earn money by monetizing your attractive videos.

3. Admob:

If you are an Android app Developer or have a mobile app then Admob is best and only one high paying platform to earn online money by monetizing your app.

You can develop any mobile app or mobile games and make it available by uploading it on Playstore. And monetize your app with Admob.

4. FreeLancing:

Freelancing is for those people who have programming knowledge, Digital Marketing Knowledge, Software Design, Development, Website Development.

Best 10 Freelance website:

  1. up work

You can get high paying online job according to your knowledge and experience.

5. MicroBlogging:

Now a days MicroBlogging is being famous than traditional blogging.

In MicroBlogging, you have to use Social Networking Sites like Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, Instagram.

MicroBlogging is just about writing creative micro (short) blog to advertise products and services. You can also sell products with microblog.

6. Facebook Instant Article:

Like Google AdSense, Instant Article is content monetization program of Facebook. You can monetize your website with Facebook Instant Article to make money online.

The great thing with Instant Article is that it also supports Nepali Language, you can monetize your News website with Instant Article.

7. SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique used in Digital Marketing to rank a website higher in Search Engine Result Page.

SEO is about optimizing a website internally and externally that means optimizing the content with keyword, Link Building and many more.

Most of companies are trying to rank their website higher in search engine for some searched keywords, you can provide SEO services to such companies.

You can use SEO for your own websites so that your blog will be ranked higher so that you can get more and more traffic to your posts and earn more.

8. E-Commerce Portal:

You can create an E-Commerce portal either Business to Customer (B2C) portal or Customer to Customer (C2C) portal, or Customer to Business (C2B) portal.

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