Get Adsense Account Approved for Blogspot in 2020

Are you searching for can I get Adsense approval on BlogSpot subdomain? Since Google Adsense is the best high paying Contextual Ad network for bloggers. Google Adsense shows Ads based on Content & user-interest. Every Blogger dreams to make money online from blogging by placing high CPC contextual Ads but for Blogger AdSense approval has been challenging.

So to get blogger Adsense approval, you must consider the design of blog, traffic, user-experience & content quality.

Adsense Eligibility Checking on Blogger:

Google Adsense has frequently been updating & it is becoming harder to get Adsense approval for a new BlogSpot blog. Google Adsense strict its policy since it needs a branded blog with quality content to display costly Ads of the different advertisers.

  • A new blog can’t get Adsense approved. It must be at least one month old(or more).
  • A blog or website must be fully developed.
  • Responsive blog design is needed.
  • It would be best if you were 18 years old to participate as an Adsense publisher.

Why Google Rejects Adsense Application?

Scrapped or insufficient Content:

Scrapped content issues in adsense

Content must be unique & reader-friendly to get Adsense approved for your blogger. Google accepts the Adsense application which has 100% unique & valuable content.

Many people apply for Adsense through blogger with insufficient or scrapped content. If your content is written in a sparse style & also difficult to read because of spelling or grammar mistakes, then it can be a reason for rejection.

Site Navigation:

site navigation for adsense approval

The most crucial factor & reason for Adsense application rejection is blog design. The design of your blog must be responsive, easy to navigate & mobile-friendly. If your blog doesn’t fit on other devices & it makes it difficult for your user then be 100% sure your Adsense application wouldn’t be accepted.

Multiple Adsense Account:

If you have already an Adsense account, then Google will not accept your Adsense approval. A user can own only a single account so applying for Adsense with the same email address also violates privacy policy.

Poor Traffic:

Google Adsense displays ads on your blog only after the monetization of traffic. If you have poor traffic on your blog post, then the Adsense application will be rejected. You need to drive at least daily 40 page views from the different traffic sources. It is hard to drive organic traffic in a new blog, so some people use a traffic generator tool that is illegal.

Then How to get Approved Adsense Account for Blogspot? What are those Adsense approval tricks for Blogspot blogger in 2020?

Blogger AdSense Approval Trick

Blogger Adsense Approval

Hosted Adsense Account for blogger can be approved without adding a custom sub-domain with a little trick. With a simple method, you can get Adsense approval for Blogspot domain.

You need at least 20 posts with quality & unique content for Adsense Approval.

Hosted Adsense Account is for the Blogspot domain which pays less Revenue than a non-hosted Adsense Account. You can apply for a Non-Hosted Adsense account just by adding a Top-level Domain. (.com, .net, .org)

Quality Content:

quality content for adsense approval

Content is the most significant factor which makes the Adsense team decide whether to approve or reject an application. Not only a blogger blog, but even a WordPress blog is checked out to find content quality.

How to write Quality Content to get Adsense account approved for blogger?

  • 100% Original Content
  • No Grammar or spelling mistakes
  • Long Content (Minimum 300 words)
  • Reader-friendly
  • Use bullets & headings
  • Use copyright-free images
  • Minimum 20 Posts
  • No adult content
  • No hacking or cracking content
  • No drugs
  • No illegal information

About, Contact & Terms of use pages:

Not only quality & lengthy posts, but some pages must be included in the blog that describes your blog & helps a visitor to contact you. About us, Contact us & Terms of use (terms & condition) pages are those essential to make Adsense approval on your blogger blog.

These pages are essential requirements that show up you as a professional blogger. To create about us page & terms of use page or privacy policy page most of the new bloggers use the online tool, but this is wrong. As we have discussed above content must be unique, but the generated content is almost the same. So write about us & privacy policy page in your language.

Your contact form must work which means you must receive a mail when someone wants to contact. Add additional information below contact form like Facebook page link, Twitter profile link & Address.

Read: How to Add a Contact Form on Blogger?

Adsense Friendly Blog Design:

Adsense friendly blog design means your blog must be well designed with SEO friendly template. Choose the best responsive blogger template that has a good & professional-looking blog design.

  • Clean & professional blog design
  • easy site navigation
  • proper menu
  • fast loading
  • SEO friendly

How much traffic do you need for Adsense Approval?

You need at least daily 40 page views for Adsense Approval from the different traffic sources. In the beginning days of blogging your site won’t get organic traffic so to drive traffic to your blog you can use various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, forum posting sites like Quora & Reddit.

But do not use any online tool for generating traffic for your blog.

Fully Developed Blog:

One of the reasons for Adsense application rejection is that your blog may be under construction. If your blog is not fully developed then, Adsense can’t get approved.

A blog must be fully developed with all necessary widgets to be qualified for Adsense. It would help if you did not leave empty any of the categories or labels. There must be 2 to 3 posts in every category of your menu.

Check if your blog is blocked:

As Adsense is a part of Google so it will check statistics of your blog in search engine. If search engines block your blog, then Adsense will reject your application.

site check in Google

To check if your blog is blocked by Google, search for “” or “” If your blog is available on the search result page, then your blog is safe & not blocked.

Submit your blog with sitemap & robots.txt file on Google search console to check any crawl & indexing errors. Submit your blog on Google Analytics to see a live demographic report of traffic.

Applying for Adsense:

Follow all the Adsense approval tricks mentioned above. These tricks work for both bloggers & WordPress blogs. Before applying, remove Ads banner or other Ad-network ads. While applying for Adsense check out Ads set up code is correctly placed. If you are under 18, then you can use your parent’s information to apply.

Since hosted Adsense publisher gets only 55% of revenue & Google retains 45%. But non-hosted Adsense publisher gets 68%, and Google holds 32% of total revenue. So to earn more money from Adsense, you can add a top-level domain on blogger.

To generate passive income from Blogging you can work with top High-Paying Affiliate Marketing Program for Bloggers.

If you have still some problems with Blogspot Adsense approval then feel free to describe your issues inside the comment box.

Bipin Milan

Experienced Blogger with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Content Writing, WordPress, HTML, and Web Development. Strong marketing professional with a Bsc CS IT focused in Information Technology from Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science & Technology.

32 thoughts on “Get Adsense Account Approved for Blogspot in 2020

  1. I am facing problem in approval of my adsense account. Can you please review my website and help me. I am in trouble

    1. Hey, I’ve reviewed your blog, you need to add more menu items in your navigation bar. Your blog is not fully developed, as I have mentioned in this post you need to have an “ABOUT US” page and a working “CONTACT US” page. But your blog doesn’t have About, contact page and the privacy policy you have added is not unique it seems to be generated from an online tool. You need to have at least 20 articles with 100% unique content.

  2. Hi, I want to know what you think about my site. Can I apply with what I have now or what do you think I need to add.

    I’ll be glad to get a reply from you. Thank you.

    1. Hello Fise, I have checked your website. Yes, you can apply for Adsense after adding a “Contact us” page and create a “Terms of Use” page instead of “Disclaimer”. And check if you have at least 20 blog posts on your website.

  3. Hi bipin,

    We are planning to start few websites, and we need seperate Adsense account for each website.we need one person support to handle our websites. You looks like genuine person. If you have complete knowledge about google Adsense, give me your email address and contact details. Tq

    1. Hey Puspa, make sure the images you’ve included inside the article are copyright free. Add (minimum) 3 posts on each category. Add more blog posts. Write Privacy Policy, Terms of Use in your own language to make it unique. There is not any contact form on the contact page.

    1. Actually it’s blogger error it’s happened with also what you need to do is just make new blog and I have too but later I was got approval

    1. Make your site easy-to-navigate. Add (minimum) 3 posts on each category, there is no post on the “Health” category. Add more lengthy content (minimum) 300 words. Make sure the images you have attached in your post are copyright free.

  4. hello sir can you help me. The Adsense Button Not Appear In My Blog. And I Also Earn Views 50 to 100. and do all the efforts. Pls help, I am in trouble…

    1. Hey, your blog will be eligible for Adsense only when your sites match with the privacy policy of Google Adsense. Follow all those steps I’ve explained in this blog. You are using another ad-network on your blog, first of all, remove this ad script. Add the privacy policy page and write in your own language.

  5. hello sir, i have 12 posts, and its showing you are not eligible for adsense, also i had made multiple pages, any suggestions for my website would be most thankful , thank you in advance

    1. Hello, Harsh, the main reason behind your site is not qualified for Adsense is your site doesn’t have any contact form. Follow this article to Add a Contact form on Blogger.
      Try adding a short but unique content on Privacy Policy, About pages.
      Try removing affiliate ads of Amazon.
      Add up to 3 posts on each category(label) you have added on your menu bar.
      Then reapply for Adsense.

  6. I got Adsense Approval three months after I started blogging but after getting Adsense Approval I had a problem that if I put any ads in mobile version it would be best and Google search console will not get any error. You told me that it would be good to put some kind of ads in the amp. Also, I read your article many times before I got AdSense access. You have given the most accurate information about AdSense.

    Please answer me .best ads format of AMP

    1. First of all, be sure your site supports AMP. Adsense offers auto-AMP-ads for your site which best fits with every screen size. You can enable AMP Auto ads through Advanced Ads > Settings > AdSense > AMP > Enable AMP Auto ads.

  7. I have a domain name which is hosted in infinityfree. But 10 days ago i transfer it to blogger. Now my site is shows in Google search console but i can’t index new posts url in search console. Can you please help me and find my problem.

    1. Hello Ruksana, first you must review your crawl priority on sitemap, secondly, must submit sitemap again, thirdly, check robots. 4th check htaccess if there are any,

  8. To
    Bipin milan,
    Sub-application to check my blog eligible for adsense
    Hello sir,
    I am requested to you please check my blog is it eligible for adsense

    1. Hey at first you need to manage your “Menu Bar”. Make your menu bar easy to navigate. Customize your menu bar and remove the default label from the menu bar. Remove the “Sitemap” page from your top menu bar it is not necessary. Add more posts to your blog. Add widgets on the footer of your blog. Manage your sidebar. Make sure your blog is completely developed.
      If you need any help then do comment again.

  9. Hi Bipin!

    I hope you are well. Thank you for your fantastic, very helpful post.

    I guess my blog needs Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of use. Apart from that, may I kindly ask You to briefly go through my website and look what should be else included? My traffic is 200-800 daily.

    Would you recommend to get my own domain? Will not people stop to visit the blog after the website address change? Thank you

    Best regards,


    1. At first, make your Blogspot blog more professional, you can use these Free BlogSpot Themes. Then customize your new Blogspot theme with a necessary menu bar. Add privacy policy, and about us page. Make sure these pages are shown properly in the menu bar. Add a contact us page on your Blog. You can follow this article to add Contact Form on BlogSpot. Add more articles on your blog.
      You can easily set a custom domain on your BlogSpot blog after you set up the custom domain, you can redirect the old Blogspot subdomain into the new custom domain.

    1. Hey, I don’t understand which language you are writing the article, please make sure whether Adsense support your native language or not.
      At first, make your Blogspot blog more professional, you can use these Free BlogSpot Themes. Then customize your new Blogspot theme with a necessary menu bar. Add privacy policy, and about us page. Make sure these pages are shown properly in the menu bar. Add a contact us page on your Blog. You can follow this article to add Contact Form on BlogSpot. Add more articles on your blog.

  10. Sir, my AdSense account rejected but all content is original I don’t know the problem please check my site

    1. The first thing you need to make a change on your blog is the “Contact Us” page. Inside your contact us page, there is no way for your reader to contact & send a message to you. You need to add a contact form in it. You can use any third-party form builder tool to create a form. For more guidelines check this article, How to Add a Contact Form on Blogger?
      Your site is in Blogspot, you can easily get Adsense approval on Blogspot sub-domain so kindly remove your free custom domain.
      Changing the template can also work for you. You can use other Premium Looking Free Blogger Template.
      Display your pages on the top menu bar and display all labels or categories in the main menu bar to make your blog more professional.
      Replace the default Blogspot favicon and add your own favicon.
      Instead of Disclaimer, it could be better to add a “Terms & Condition” page.
      Drive some traffic to your blog, you can use social media, social bookmarking sites, and Quora to drive quality traffic.

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