5 ways to Make Money from Blog

I am sure most of you have heard that people are making money from a blog, or you might have heard many more about Blogging from Digital Marketing Expert or Blogger.

You must be curious to discover “How is it possible to make a Money Blog?

If you want to create a blog check out many tutorials that will help to start your blog. Creating and starting a blog is not too much costly.

Steps to start a profitable blog:

step1: Choose a Blogging Niche.

step2: Choose a Blogging Platform.

step3: Choose a Domain Name.

step4: Setting web host.

step5: Install WordPress.

step5: Choose a Theme.

step6: Write your first blog post.

1. Affiliate Marketing:

You can generate income from your blog, by joining a high-paying affiliate marketing program for Bloggers.

You have to sell the product or services of other company on your blog, and the commission can be generated from click or sale of each affiliated product.

Affiliate Marketing is too easy to start; any niche blog can participate in affiliate marketing and find the product that they can recommend to their blog visitor.

To get started with affiliate marketing, do a quick search on Google of product/service/store with “affiliate program” next to it.

Example: Target Product Affiliate Program.

Beside this, you can join affiliate network programs like Amazon and ShareASale. 

Best High Paying 20 Affiliate Network Program for 2019:

  1. PeerFly.
  2. ShareaSale.
  3. Wide Markets.
  4. Rakuten.
  5. CJ Affiliate By Conversant.
  6. Clickbank.
  7. Amazon Associates.
  8. Affiliate Partners Ltd.
  9. CrakRevenue.
  10. Commission Factory.
  11. eBay.
  12. Avangate.
  13. Flex offers.
  14. AvantLink
  15. AdCombo.
  16. ReviMedia.
  17. RevenueWire.
  18. Olavivo.
  19. MoreNiche.
  20. AffiBank.

2. Adsense:

Every blogger loves Adsense in these years since Adsense provide high CPC ads (Cost-per-Click) and Adsense can be used for any niche. But remember Adult Content is not allowed and Content must be unique.

You can get 1$ for each 1,000 post views.

Things to be considered to get Adsense Approval:

  • Blog or website must be fully developed.
  • Responsive with user-friendly Interface.
  • Any Category must not be empty. If you have the “Business” category on Menu Bar, then there must be posts under this category.
  • Minimum 18 posts must be published.
  • More than 300-word content.
  • Unique and High-Quality Content.
  • Photos must be copyright free. Use pexels or pixabay for copyright free images.
  • Minimum 50 to 100 Daily Traffic.

3. Services:

If you are a programmer or a web designer or you have a company that provides services to the customer, then Blogging is the best idea to give detail about the services you are offering.

You need to provide high-quality content and must be ranked top on the search engine to sell your services.

4. Reviews:

You can write a review blog on new gadgets or products and promoting on your blog.

Where to get Products?

  • Product Review Sites like Tomoson and MomSelect
  • Affiliate Networks.
  • Pitching Smaller Business Brand.

To be a product reviewer you must consider the following tips:

  • An eye-catching photo of a new product.
  • The Benefit of the product.
  • Your own overall opinion and original Product Information.
  • Full Disclosure.

5. Digital Products:

With a combination of Blog and Digital Product, you can generate passive online income.

This method is the best idea to make money with a blog since the full control of selling products is on your hand. Where & what you are selling, the price of the product, how much you can sell, etc.

You can create your digital product or other’s digital product and sell online.

Top digital products you can sell:

  • eBooks.
  • Software.
  • Video.
  • Photos.
  • Audio & Music like foreign language lessons.
  • Graphics & Digital Art.
  • Documents.
  • Online Courses.
  • Online Tickets.

Final Thought

I hope with this blog post you have known the value of blogging and the way to make online money from the blog.

Content is King” so be sure the content you have published is easy to read and solve the problem of the user. Use Grammarly tool to write error-free Content.

Choose the best comfortable keywords to rank your blog, and start building backlink to provide quality referral traffic juice to your blog.

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