Now the Amazon delivery will be made by Robots

The e-commerce giant Amazon Inc. is testing a new way of delivering orders from the customers. Amazon recently successfully tested the robot based delivery service in Washington.

The experiment was conducted in Snohomish County of Washington using six different autonomous robots that delivered the orders from the customers right to their home.

During the initial phases, the delivery robots will be used only during the daytime and Amazon helpers will also be available there to guide the robots. The interesting thing is that the robots will not be using road tracks, instead, they will be using a pedestrian path to move.

Vice-president of Amazon, Sin Scott also confirmed that the robots were developed in Amazon research and development labs at Seattle. The robots will also be using numerous sensors to identify any humans or animals passing by to prevent any unnecessary collisions.

In a video ad from Amazon, it has been shown that as soon as these scout robots reach their destination and identify the receiver, the robot will automatically open the door and deliver the product.

Although the complete details of this new delivery system are yet to be exposed from the Amazon team. Also, details for the situations when the customer is not available during the delivery is also not been explained.

This is not the first time of robot being used for delivery service. Recently, a company named Starter-ship Technologies has developed and deployed dozens of these autonomous robots that are being used in a college in Virginia to deliver coffee and pizza to the students.

Similar technology has also been used by the student also can get their orders delivered by robots at George Mason University.

Previously, numerous companies in San Francisco had tested the delivery robots. However, the use of delivery robots has often been criticized for not being ‘smart’ enough as there are good chances of colliding with other objects or figures and the orders being delivered to wrong destinations.

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