Parliamentary committee directs NT to ensure 4G service all over Nepal in one year

The parliamentary committee has recently ordered the government of Nepal to make sure that all the Nepalese people be benefited by 4G service. The Government has been told to prepare the necessary work plan and procedures for it.

The finance board which is under the parliamentary committee was told on Tuesday that all the process for the implementation should be completed in one year starting the date of an agreement made with the telecom for offering the 4G service.

The committee has guided the telecom to implement the service in one year without compromising the quality of service (QoS) and the durability of the components to be used and all the involving parties will be responsible for the successful completion of the service.

Also, it was also briefed to Nepal Telecom (A government-owned telecommunication company of Nepal) that NT has to make the financial planning to increase the revenue by double.

The committee has also directed the NT to check the financial benefit either to continue with the current contractor or to initiate a new tender. Even though NT has been permitted for offering the 4G services, NT has limited the service only in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

The parliamentary committee invited minister of information and communication, secretary, ex-heads of NT and another scholar of telecom sector for the discussion

During the discussion, ex-heads of NT have advised no parties should hinder the progress for 4G implementation.

Even though other privately owned telecom companies are rapidly capturing the 4G market, NT seems still stuck in the tender process for a year.

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