Career Development Strategies: 6 Best way to Manage your Career

At some point in your life, you come across a thought process that leads you to think am I on the right career development strategy? Will I be able to reach my career goals by this job? Should I move on or change my strategies or should I stay the same? These types of numerous questions cross through your mind and you might get stuck in this dilemma for a long time.

You can never be able to predict where/ what will you be after 5-10 years. However, your discipline, your focus, and your effort will always boost your success and drive you closer to your goals of life. Always bear in mind-  these are the only three things that you can control.

You cannot accept something to happen until you have the mindset to make it happen. So, the right mindset and right effort to deliver that mindset will be highly valuable to achieve your career development strategies.
So, what are the key steps to excel in your career?

Here are my leads.

Be Proactive

No one wants to work with a person who always lingers and starts late. In order to create luck, you have to go out and find it! Be active on your action and luck will chase you. Get your guns ready and move out.

Use your skills and knowledge to find the best for you. Never hesitate to show your talents and skills as someone might help guide you to jumpstart a successful career.

Always outperform

Always be the hardest working person in the room. If you want yourself to be successful in your career, there is no better option than working hard. Working smart also counts. But the combination of working hard and working smart will be the best thing to happen to you in your life.

So, how to work smart and hard at the same time? Always plan ahead on your idea, so that you can have your mindset ready for the task. List down the different ways of accomplishing the task and analyze the best possible way of completing the task with less energy. So that you can utilize the saved energy on some other task.

If you expect to grow your sales by 5%, then perform to achieve 10%. If you require to reach your product to 5 customers, perform to reach 10 customers. Beat your expectations.

Stay hungry; stay foolish

You can never grow until you have the thurst to lean and grow. Knowledge is power, no matter what. If you want to add value to your field, always pursue learning and adding improvement to your skill.

Never lag to attend seminars, training, certifications, and others that will expertize your skills. Hunger for learning will always add value to your life.

Be good communicator

” If you want to move ahead in your career, then communication skill is a must.” It’s not me saying. It’s coming from billionaire investor Warren Buffet. Always keep in mind communication skills do not come naturally as soon as you born. It’s about learning and practicing.

Learn to establish the network and utilize your existing network to grow your network. Use the available tools like social media, volunteering events, social gathering and events.

Show what you know and what you want to be. You may find like-minded people and you might end up doing something great together.

Understand the value of Money

No matter what others tell you, money does matter.No one will support you until you are financially sound – even your family.

Invest in assets, not in liabilities. Learn to save money and invest. Because today’s penny will be the future’s dollars. Saving and reducing expenses is always easier than to earn.

Know thyself

There are so many things to learn in this world. How much knowledge and skills you accumulate, if you don’t understand your value, nothing will matter.

Believe in yourself, understand your best strengths and weaknesses. Work to optimize your strength and diminish your weaknesses. Practice hard and negotiate to get the best deal for yourself.

Always be open-minded. You never know what will you get served on your plate. Because – that’s how life works. Be flexible to change your plans. If you know you are wrong, turn to apologize and move to take the right direction. Never hold a grudge.

Before you move ahead to conquer the world, first you need to conquer yourself. Add all your stamina & courage and run to rule the world. Keeping a positive mindset is key to your success.

Last but not least…………..

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