Starbucks coffee cup detected in Game of Thrones episode 4 shot

Seems like there also exists a Starbucks coffee fan in Westeros. Some dedicated fan detected a Starbuck coffee cup in Saturday’s episode of “Game of Thrones”.How on earth could have they missed it after spending massive 15 million for each episode of season 8?

Someone might have needed a coffee break in those long night fighting the white walkers. Though the shot looks dark in those glim light, one can easily determine a Starbuck cup through its iconic green circle at the middle of the cup. This accidental event has been buzzing facebook and tweeter with lots of laughter and jokes.

Game of Thrones has become widely popular around the world with viewership reaching the records as high as 17.8 million viewers in an episode. The show has also become the most pirated show ever.

This is not the first time a coffee cup was discovered in the episodes of Game of Thrones.Once it was also found in the hand of Jamie Lannister.May be thats why George R.R Martin thougt of chopping his hand

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