The best and worse part of Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5

Brace yourself Game of Thrones fans, season 8 has been going through lots of turmoils. Some are happy and some are irritated.

Fans were worshipping for fighting between Clegane brothers. And here it was. The staging of the event was excellent. Sandor has nothing to fear now, he was fighting in the fire with dragon flying over with fire mouth. It was pretty gruesome to watch the fighting. Gregor seems really really strong !! Finally, the fighting ended with Sendor throwing himself with his traitorous brother into the flood of fire.

Did you enjoy Cersie Dying in Jamie’s arm crushed by rocks? Fans must have expected more cruel death to Cersie or a kill from Aarya.Nothing happened, just dumped over by rocks and mud.

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