Top Nepali pop-rock bands that 90s kids remember

Top Nepali pop-rock bands that 90s kids remember
  1. Nepathya
    True Nepali band that rocked whole nation.No words to describe! They have been rocking the nation may be since ages. The concept of the band seems to vanish from Nepali music but the mix and stir of ‘Nepathya’ show there is still some hope for band enthusiasts.
    My favorite hero of Nepali music Amrit Gurung.What an incredible guy!!His vocal and his personality, what a great man he is. The incredible blend of folk melody with rock and pop created a new taste for our generation. Its been more than 28 years, but no one can match their spirit of innovation.
    Their every concert is enthralling. I hope their passion and enthusiasm for music will last forever, longer than ever.
    Their performance at Webley was the greatest performance by a Nepali Band.

2. 1974 AD
The multi-genre band 1974 AD has simultaneously favored among all the generations – preceding and succeeding generations fo 90s.
The alternation of Firoj and Aldrin made this band an evergreen among all us. Before Firoj left, both the vocalist star’ed every genre like jazz, blues, lok-folk, metal, rock n roll, and hard rock. Thus, made this band a household name and finest band of Nepal.
I don’t wanna go through their songs. Because all of their songs were best, only the best beholds in the mood of the listener.

3. Albatross
Farki farki nahera malai…who can forget this song. The universal starter song for every 90s kids. Every musical competition was incomplete without this song being sung. Funny, huh !! That was true, actually.
I can still see some gen z kids murmuring this song with their headphones on; in Nepal Yatayat. We will never get tired of playing this song and strumming our fingers in 6-strings during our family or friends gathering. What a days, those were !!
These guys are still rocking….

4. The Edge
Being a late 90s kids, I ‘am putting this band in second place. Besides no major bias, ok Chha?
started their musical journey in 1997 from the city of lakes, Pokhara
The frontman Jeevan continues his singing passion till date whereas other band members
were lost in the crossroads of the band’s journey. A crossroads of career choice, of course.
This sadly depicts the current scenario of Nepalese society. As I listen to their beautiful music, I remember my friends who reached a similar crossroad and are no longer with me.
The local Pokhereli Band has bagged numerous awards during their journey. When their songs play, remembrances of our ex-lovers and would-be lovers circulates through our hearts.
Which one is your best The Edge song? Mine is Dukha Dieyara.

5. The Axe band
This alternative rock band rose as a true musician way before the era of Youtube and Facebook.
Damn those songs, still, those funk tunes are refreshing.
Their best of the best were Lukna Deu, Auta Chittiko Saharale.
e 3 men band, ladies and gentlemen, they rocked and funked our whole generation. As of 2019, these guys are making me nostalgic.
Their songs varied in patriotic, political issues, and love and relationship sense. In fact, they created true 90s songs. The generation of writing a letter to our crush and often getting
Besides, proud to be the 90s !!

6. The cobweb has been on for 27 years. Woah !! that’s a long time.
This is a great story to tell for those who complain nobody makes a living out of music. Even a single 90s kid will forget their all-time favourite song ‘Mercedes Benz’ and ‘Maryo Ni Mayale’.Also, who will forget their wonderful song ‘Timro Maya‘ from their ‘swing’ album? This song was in every guy’s cellphone as the cell phone era started.
No even our legendary ‘1974 AD’ has been this continuous. Hats off, guys !!

7. The shadows
I don’t want to lie, but they are the first hard rock band of Nepal.
This hard rock band from Chitwan gained popularity because of their powerful lyrics combined with the strong vocal from Swapnil.
We can only imagine how this small thin guy produces so much power in his vocal.With their popular songs Hidne Manche Ladcha, Ma Prakriti, Dharma and Bhatkeko Kotha, they have done numerous concerts abroad among Nepalese communities.

8. The Karma Band
As the name suggests, they have done a great deal of good ‘karma’ for Nepali Music industry with their beautiful songs.
Their major hits include hukka mero, kaha hola ghara bara and maunata
Their new song ‘naya sapana naya sahar‘ is creating a major breakthrough in today’s youtube era.

9 Anupratha
You are at a rock concert, and it’s about to start. When the initial lead guitar line rolls, you recognize its the song ‘din ‘ from Anuprastha.
They rose from the ”sprite band challenge, 2008 and has been rocking since. Their folk-rock genre made their song incredible popular and the lyrics so memorable.
We don’t often hear these types of songs these days. And it really sucks. Their first album was a huge hit with great songs like Din, Guff and Sukha ra Dukha. All in the same album.

10. Robin and the new revolution
The 6-foot tall guitar maestro machine, with his hoarse vocal, has been rocking and inspiring us through his songs and personality since decades. He has a very commading vocal. When I hear Robin’s song keta keti, i feel like I am still a 9-10 years old I feel like he is singing this song for us-keta keti. This guy is the unsung hero on Nepali Music, I must say.
Because of his personality, he has shadowed his own band. Besides, keta/keti, some of the notable songs are Adhunik Ko AagamanmaDum Maro DumBirata ko Chino and Maila Bhai.

11 Mukti ‘n Revival
Popularly blues-rock band of our generation, they have gained incredible underground music fans all over Nepal.
Since its inception, the Mukti and revival have been successfully led by vocalist Mukti Shakya, who is one of the finest guitarists from Nepal.
His songs are still worth listening today for blues lovers. Thank you Mukti Sir for everything.

12 Mt 8848
Their unique rock and folk fusion made this band a popular figure.’Budeshkal ko Ladhi’ was accepted by the public with many thanks.
Who can forget the great song ‘Maski Maski’.What a lyrics !! I had heard that this song was gifted to them some other guy who actually wrote it.
I want to know him and thank him for this song. Thanks ‘Mt 8848’ for bringing this incredible song by presenting to us at our time. Much appreciated.

13 The Uglyz
The band name Uglys and the song “timro nyano” are synonyous.This is because most of the people have never heard their other songs from them besides timro nyano . Maybe other songs did not gain much popularity during those times. It was one of the most listen to song who were falling in love.
My favourite one from them is ‘Maya‘.

14 The Axix
The Axis band, with the prominent figure of the band Sandeep Bishwakarma-the vocalist, has been a huge hit with their song Adhro prem.
The all-time hit song will still be sounding through our ears with memories of the moments.
This song might have been most played song on your iPod, if your heart was ever broken by a crush.

The band has recently released new album which have become huge hit on Youtube.Have you listened to their song ‘Saat Samudra Pari‘? May be these guys are relating the song to their life stories. I hope not.

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