Tailwind: Best Tool To Grow Your Website With Pinterest

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Either you run an online business or own a website, Pinterest is a great marketing platform where every small or large business improves its branding and generate more profit & follower. The success behind every online business & blogger on Pinterest is Tailwind.

My Pinterest Analytics Overview Before Tailwind

Before I started growing this website on Pinterest with Tailwind, I had only 3.27k impressions with only 103 audience engagements.

Pinterest Analytics Overview before Tailwind

My Pinterest Analytics Overview After Tailwind

When I started growing my blog on Pinterest with the marketing power of Tailwind, my pins impression increased by 83% and the total audience became 7.75k.

Pinterest Analytics Overview After Tailwind

So now it’s your turn to grow your online business or website on Pinterest with Tailwind. This is not the highest analytics report even you can make more impressions, website clicks, audience & engagements with Tailwind.

Grow Website with Pinterest using Tailwind

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a #1 marketing tool to grow & manage your Pinterest & Instagram account. Tailwind tribes allow every pinner to easily boost the reach of the Pinterest pin & Instagram post.

Tailwind is a Pinterest pin & Instagram post scheduling tool that helps every blogger & online marketer to connect with each other and share one another’s content.

One of the crucial & main reasons why I love Tailwind is Tribes.

Tribes are content-based groups of Tailwind (like Pinterest group board) where blogger & marketer from the same business category or blog niche joins, and schedule one another’s Pin. Tribes help you to easily boost the reach of every pin you schedule with Tailwind faster & easily.

Tailwind Tribes have their own guidelines & pin scheduling rule. Tribes encourage you to schedule your own pin & other’s relevant pin so that your pin will also get a huge number of reshares.

When you create an account on Tailwind Tribes then you will get a free trial with a basic plan. Under this basic plan, it offers 100 scheduled pins on Pinterest & 30 posts on Instagram, 5 Tribes and 30 monthly submissions on Tribes.

To join Tribes first, sign in to your Tailwind account, click on the dropdown menu go to Tribes click on Find Tribes & search your relevant community.

How to Schedule Pins on Tailwind?

Here is the crucial guide for you to learn how to create & schedule pins on Tailwind Tribes or Pinterest boards to grow your blog traffic.

Here are the steps you should follow while scheduling your pin on either Pinterest boards or Tailwind tribes.

1. Create Board Lists:

Before scheduling pins creating board lists makes your pinning task easier. The Board list is a group of relevant boards that you can easily select within one single click while scheduling your pins.

To create a board list, click on the dropdown menu Publisher Board Lists. Click to add a list then give a name to the list and choose all the boards relevant to your board list name.

Tailwind Board List

2. Set up Weekly Pinning Schedule:

After creating some sort of board list, select the time schedule on which you want to publish your pins. The smart schedule has made scheduling tasks easier on Tailwind. Once you add pins to the smart schedule, Tailwind will automatically publish the pins.

With a free trial, you can enjoy with smart schedule and add 4-time slots per day. Smart Schedule comes with an optimized time slot to schedule your pins based on the time when your audience is most engaged.

To customize the time slot of the smart schedule, click on the dropdown menu Publisher Your Schedule. Here you can add a weekly pinning schedule where you are allowed to add or customize 4 different time schedules for each day.

Tailwind weekly Pinning schedule

3. Select the Pins to Schedule:

Now its turn to schedule your pin on the selected board list & scheduled time.

Tailwind offers its user an experienced user-friendly pinning functionality where you can schedule your pin directly from your Pinterest account.

At first, you need to install a Tailwind chrome extension. Then go to your Pinterest account and select a pin to schedule with Tailwind.

Schedule Pin on Tailwind with Tailwind Chrome Extension

4. Choose a Board & Tribe:

After you click on the “Schedule” button a popup will open where you need to select a relevant board name from the list and click on “Schedule Now” or you can save it to schedule later.

You can also add your pin to the individual Tribes.

Choose a Board List to Schedule a Pin

So when you refresh the Tailwind dashboard & go to scheduled pins inside the publisher menu, you’ll see your pin has been scheduled on different Tribes based on the selected board name.

Scheduled Pins on Tailwind

How to Schedule Pins with SmartLoop?

Pinterest says you need to be engaged with Pinterest if you want to grow your Pinterest account and get more reach to your pins. To solve this problem Tailwind has added a new SmartLoop feature. This feature automates your pinning task and also saves your time on repinning a pin every day.

SmartLoop automatically reshares your best evergreen pin to the Pinterest boards you choose at your best time and sends traffic to your blog post or online store.

1. Create a Loop:

To create a new loop, click on the dropdown menu Publisher SmartLoop. There are two types of loops you can start with either Evergreen or Seasonal.

The evergreen loop is mainly designed to continuously reschedule evergreen pins whereas the Seasonal loop allows you to reschedule pins between start & end date or on some events.

Let’s get started with the Evergreen loop and give a unique loop name so later you can control it easily. Next, select a board name where you want the pins in this loop to post to.

SmartLoop Name & Boards

2. Add Pins to Loop:

Select pins to add to your SmartLoop by clicking on the most popular pin. You can filter the pins by the board or search for your pins. When you select the pins to add in a loop then click on the “Next: Set Up Schedule” button.

Add Pin to the SmartLoop

3. Set up Loop Schedule:

In the third step, set up or customize your loop schedule, you can choose how option you want your new loop to present. For each loop, you create Tailwind will suggest you 2 recommendation: YOUR CORE CONTENT & NICHE TOPIC.

If you expect to take up a larger part of your schedule you can choose “CORE CONTENT” otherwise you can choose the “NICHE TOPIC” if you want the pins you are looping to take up a smaller part of your schedule. You can also create your own custom schedule based on your customized settings.

For each default or custom recommendation, you can see the number of time slots that will be added and time to loop through all the pins you added. I will choose the core content for my newly created loop.

SmartLoop Schedule

4. Set up Board Rules:

SmartLoop Board Rules

The last and optional step in the SmartLoop scheduling setting is to set up board rules. Board rule saves your Pinterest account without breaking rules or spamming your followers or group members. You can control how often pins you are looping are being published to selected boards.

How to see how your loops are performing?

Another amazing feature of Tailwind SmartLoop is you can analyze the performance of your loops.

The first place you can see statistics is at the beginning of the SmartLoop page. This will give an overview of the already looped pins and how many times your pins have got repins.

All SmarLoop posts performance

These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

SmartLoop also allows you to see how well your individual pin is performing when you scroll down SmartLoop page

How much does SmartLoop cost?

You can enjoy the SmartLoop feature for 250 posts on the free trial version. Remember 1 active SmartLoop post is equal to 1 pin to 1 board.

If you want to increase the number of posts you can get started at $4.99 per profile per month.

Tailwind SmartLoop Cost


To boost the reach of your pin and drive traffic to your blog always choose SmartLoop which not only saves your time on pinning but also reposts the pin to selected board without affecting board rules. Putting the keyword in Pinterest title, description and adding a pin-worthy image while creating a pin on Pinterest also helps to reach more audience engagements.

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