100+ High DA Blog Commenting Sites List 2020

Are you looking for websites with high DA (Domain Authority) on your niche to improve your site’s brand by writing awesome blog comments?

In this blog post, you are going to learn how to do blog commenting without spamming. Here you’ll find best authority sites on your niche.

This post also includes:

  • Popular blog commenting system
  • Tactics to write a spam-free quality comment
  • What to avoid while writing a comment on blogs
  • Free travel blog commenting sites
  • Digital marketing website list for blog commenting
  • Fitness, finance, health & lifestyle blog commenting sites
  • Instant approval blog commenting website list

All the sites listed here are with high domain authority so writing comments on such sites will pass quality link juice to your website.

List of 100+ High DA Sites for Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting Sites

Blog Commenting System

There are different commenting systems and tools used by websites. Here is the short guide on how commenting tools factor the blog commenting.

Facebook Comment:- Facebook comment is generally used in news portal sites.

Disqus Comment:- Websites that use the Disqus commenting tool comes under this type. Here you have to be registered on Disqus then only you are enabled to put comments on such a website.

With Disqus comment, you can increase followers on Disqus but you will not get backlink and referral traffic from the website.

Instant Approval Comment:- Websites where your comment is approved instantly or even without moderation. The problem with this commenting system is that everyone can easily publish their comment which may increase the spam rate of your website.

So it would be much better to check whether the website where you are adding comments is either malicious or banned by search engines. Also, check the number of comments displayed on the blog, reject such an instant approval website that has more than 50 comments.

Comment Luv:- Websites that use comment Luv system are most desirable for bloggers to add comments. The most interesting benefit with Comment Luv is that your latest posts will be fetched and displayed just below your comment.

How to write a good blog comment?

Here are the crucial steps you need to follow so you can write a good comment on blogs that will be accepted by the blog author.

Before writing a comment on WordPress blogs, make an account on Gravatar. This will show your profile on all comments where you use the email for creating a profile on Gravatar.

  • Choose a high authority website relevant to your site’s niche.
  • Find out the latest blog-post on that website because bloggers are always focused on their newer posts rather than old posts.
  • Read the whole posts so you will know what the article is saying.
  • Express the idea that you have gained after reading the blog inside the comment box.
  • Find the missing concepts in that blog and add your view.
  • Ask a question to the blog owner so your comment will get more priority.
  • Write about a 130-word (more or less) comment.
  • Use email address connected to gravatar to display profile image on the comment.
  • At the end of the comment section, add your website URL.
  • Read the other comments which have been already displayed and get an idea from the old comments. But never copy the comments.

What to avoid on blog commenting?

Here are some points you should avoid while writing a comment on a blog.

  • Avoid writing comments on the blog that uses Facebook or Disqus tool. Because this will not provide any juice to your site.
  • Never comment on a blog that is not relevant to your blog niche.
  • Avoid blog with spam comments.
  • Never put keywords in the name section.
  • Avoid using a fake or invalid email address on the comment.
  • Avoid writing a comment on websites with less domain authority.

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Start writing comments choosing top websites with high domain authority from the above list. Make sure the comment you have placed is relevant to the content and make some sense.

If you know a site with high DA on your niche then just share the site on the comment section.

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