10 Ways to Increase Traffic to your Blog for Free in 2019

10 Ways to Increase Traffic to your Blog for Free in 2019

Blog Traffic depends on how you are promoting your blog.

Everyone says to drive blog traffic; you must write high-quality and informative content.

Do you think is it mandatory to promote your blog post?

Of course, writing a blog is not only sufficient; you must have to explore your blog.

Blog Promotion not only indicates to share on social media but also optimizing blog post with quality content, targeted keywords and high authority backlinks..

Here are ten proven ways of blog promotion that will increase blog traffic for free:

1. Quality Content Strategy

quality content creation

Quality Content is the only thing loved by the latest Google Algorithms in recent years because it adds value to readers. To provide a better result, Google is always making some changes to its algorithm.

So, Quality Content has been an only necessary way to drive organic traffic to blog.

How to create quality content?

Content Strategy refers to the proper management of content for your targeted audience. Content must be informative and should solve the problem of your audience.

There must be high competition in your business brand or blog niche so writing unique, audience-focused and engaging valuable content can be a crucial factor to grow the blog in SERPs.

You need to have proper research and complete knowledge for a particular topic. So, research is the best idea to produce quality and informative content.

Writing content in a pretty much format with a proper heading, subheading and making a more visually attractive post with stunning images(snapshots, infographics, video) makes your content engaging.

2. Targeted Keywords

keyword research to increase blog traffic

If you want to increase blog traffic from Google, then you need to optimize your quality content with keywords. Keywords are the core part of SEO that will boost your position in search engine result pages.

You need to have a better keyword research tool and strategy too to find a valuable targeted keyword.

It would be better to choose long-tail keywords because long-tail keywords are more accessible to target, have low competition and save your blog from keyword stuffing.

For example, if you want to rank higher in Google for “affiliate marketing” topic. Try searching for phrases (composed of 3+ words) like “high-paying affiliate marketing program” or “best affiliate marketing program.

Using Quora can be the best option to discover users interest. Merely type the main keyword into a search box. You will get the best idea of Long Tail Keyword that can be integrated with your content to build quality content that drives traffic to your blog.

search long tail keywords on Quora

To find out the competition, CPC, monthly search for each suggested keywords use Keywords EveryWhere Tool.

keyword with cpc, search volume

3. Keyword Placement

Placement of strategic keywords will ensure that people are finding your posts. Proper placement of keywords in your ContentTitle & Meta Tags will increase blog traffic from search engines.

Google Search Engine regularly visit our web pages by sending a “bot” named “Spider” to analyze & Index each page or a blog post.

To get indexed, we must be focused more on Keyword Placement; we need to put our main keywords at those places of our content where the Spider look & analyze more.

Over optimizing content with 100 keywords is stuffing, so you just took out 5-10 keywords with high volume searches & place in your content.

Place keyword on Headline:

Place the main keyword in your blog post title. Never over-optimize Title with Keyword Stuffing (more keywords).

You must write Title under 60 characters including the main keyword of blog post because there is more chance of the blog post to be displayed in the search result page. SEO optimized Title will increase the number of hits on your post.

Meta Description:

A well-written search description can influence in the click of a searcher & will attract to click on your blog post. The more great SEO optimized meta description, the more click &, the more chances to rank higher in Google.

6 Ways to write Optimized Meta Description:

i. Be sure you have placed the main keyword inside the meta description.

ii. Avoid placing several keywords in your meta description, search engine bot will assume as a spammy website.

iii. Write a content matchable meta description that means never include those terms which are unavailable in your content.

iv. You must have included those Keywords in meta description which you have added inside your content.

v. Meta Description length must be under 135 to 156 characters. Use the main keywords in the middle of the meta description for a more better result.

vi. Meta Description must be written unique & different for every blog post.

Post Permalink:

Permalink is the link that links to your blog post, so it is better to include the essential main keyword inside permalink.

To increase blog traffic, it is essential to attract viewers to read your content. Attaching the main keyword within permalink will generate traffic to your website from Google.

Include the keyword in Post Title, Meta Description & Permalink that you want to rank.

RankPay SEO Services

4. Internal Link increases traffic

Links pointing to a different page within the same domain are especially internal links.

For example, a link placed on bipinseo.com/2019/01/money-making-blog-niche.html points to bipinseo.com/2019/02/drive-traffic-from-pinterest-to-blog.html is an internal link, if it is looking to another domain, then it is an external link.

Linking to another content is fruitful with anchor text. Placing Long-Tail Keywords and making it DoFollow will distribute link juice to all other pages.

internal link building to improve conversion rate

Internal link helps readers to find other new or popular content. While users are jumping from one to another page, it will increase pageviews per sessions and improve bounce rate.

5. Write Catchy Headlines

On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar—David Ogilvy

Headlines are the abstract view of your content that promotes your blog to drive both organic and social traffic.

How to write catchy headlines?

  • Use adjectives on headlines that make an emotional attachment with your users. The Headline must be descriptive that can solve your visitor’s problem.
  • End your headline with a date to make it fresh. example: “Best Blogging Tools in 2019.”
  • Avoid using unnecessary words like andor, then, so, not.
  • Be sure your title is under 60 characters for a clear result in search engine.
  • Use tools like portent title generator

Portent.com is a free tool that helps the blogger to generate an eye-catchy headline. Merely type the main keyword and hit the arrow.

title generator

This tool will automatically generate a massive number of descriptive titles.

generate catchy headlines

Keep on clicking the “refresh” button to generate more catchy headlines for your quality content.

Make sure you are writing an article based on your headlines. If it is going to wrong this will increase spam rate of your blog.

6. Drive Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is the biggest free platform for bloggers to promote their blog and drive quality traffic. Sharing post on Pinterest not only improves your brand but also you can find real buyers. Pinterest is beneficial since the impression per session is always high than facebook and twitter.

Read> Drive Pinterest Traffic to Blog in 2019

Optimizing Pinterest to make your Pins viral:

  • Convert your account into Pinterest Business Account for free. A Business account allows to analyze performance, evaluate activity from a website, people you reach with demographic data.
  • Follow other users who Pin on the topic that is relevant to your blog niche.
  • Create a separate board and make it a group board to increase activity.
  • Find popular Pinterest Keyword. Just type a phrase on the search box, Pinterest will show all the popular keyword and tags.
  • Select a stunning image or infographic for your Pin.
  • Include Pinterest Keyword on Title and Description of Pin.

Tailwind app is the best social media tool to be used by every blogger. Tailwind app makes it easy to join with a network and collaborate. With Tailwind you can enjoy scheduling 100 pins for free.

tailwind dashboard for Pinterest

Tailwind is a #1 tool to drive traffic from Pinterest and promote your brand with Pinterest marketing.

To begin with Tailwind, you need to join with your Pinterest business account. Installing a browser extension of Tailwind makes easy on scheduling Pins.

schedule pins directly to tribes

Find tribes that match with your brand or blog niche. Just search using a keyword or category and hit enter to Add PowerUp to Request.

join tribes to drive traffic from Pinterest

7. Drive Traffic from Medium

Facebook & Twitter are not well enough to provide quality referral traffic juice to your website.

Medium and Mix are also an excellent platform to publish the article, you can influence mix & medium user to click on your blog post.

When you publish a new blog post on your website, then publish a short article on Medium with a brief description of what you have included in your blog post. This trick will attract user attention to click on the link of your blog post that you have added.

However, never copy & paste your article, you should give a short detail of your post & try to make it unique.

The more follower, the more engagement rate & more promotion of blog.

8. Optimize for Speed

If your web pages took a too long time to load fully, then I am sure you are losing traffic on your blog post.

Visitors will hit back button & move to your competitor site if your web pages are not loading at the right time. This issue will also effect on your SERP ranking.

Improve Conversion by reducing the loading time of your blog:

  • minimizing HTTP request,
  • asynchronous loading for CSS & Javascript code,
  • compressing images to reduce their size without affecting image quality.
  • Reduce server response time.
  • Choose the right hosting option.
  • Run a compression audit using GidNetwork tool.

9. Drive Blog Traffic from Quora

Getting traffic and backlink from any high-authority site is the biggest goal in a bloggers life. You can meet this goal with Quora; it is a popular forum platform with 92 Domain Authority and 70 Page Authority.

To improve brand or to increase traffic to your blog fast Quora is the best forum tool to be used.

A newbie blogger can promote a blog for free with forum posting on Quora; this is the proven tactics to drive page views in a new blog.

Five ways to Drive Blog Traffic from Quora:

i) Make your Quora profile strong with all necessary details filled up. Add a short bio with skills and knowledge.

Here is a snapshot of my Quora profile.

Quora Profile Bipin Milan

ii) If you are new at Quora then before giving answers, try asking a question to other Quora expert and find out how experts are providing solutions. You will know how other people are using Quora to promote their blog and driving traffic.

iii) Find questions related to your blog niche or topic.

iv) Write quality answers with no grammar mistakes, include a title and short description with images to make your answer clickable.

v) Share post link on Quora.

10. Push Notification

When you started growing audience rate on your website, you must make users engaged with you.

increase traffic to a new post

Push Notification will enable you to give notification of every new post to your user’s browser either it is mobile devices or desktop.

This way you are going to promote your blog with the audience & started to increase traffic with a higher engagement rate on your new blog post.

Web Push Notification is an alternative to E-Mail marketing. You can use PushEngage or PushCrew or other free tools to enable push notification service on your blog.


To make your content keyword reached without stuffing, including  Google Suggested related keywords within post several times. Long Tail keywords are best enough to rank a blog post also fast best for Voice Search Optimization.

Build a strong link with another blogger on social media. Find out how your competitor is affecting your ranking.

Make a proper working SEO strategy using Keyword research, keyword placement, Pinterest optimization that will promote your blog for free with more traffic & higher ranking.

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