Get Adsense Approval For Blogger Blog In 2020

Looking for tips and tricks to get Adsense approval for Blogger blog? In this post, I’ll help you to optimize your Blogger blog and content to make your Blogger website eligible for Adsense without adding a custom top-level domain.

This Adsense approval guide will help you with:

  • Eligibility requirements for Adsense
  • Reasons why Adsense rejects Blogger Blog
  • How to solve the Adsense privacy violation issue
  • How to solve inventory valuable: under construction issue
  • Things to do before applying for Adsense

Let’s dive right in.

Adsense Eligibility Requirements for Bogger

how to qualify for adsense
Unqualified Blogger Site For Adsense

Google Adsense frequently makes changes to its monetization privacy policies. So it is becoming harder for new sites to be eligible for Adsense.

To make your Blogger blog eligible for Adsense, you need to consider some crucial terms.

Blog Domain Age:

According to the Google Adsense team, in certain Asian countries like India, Nepal, China, and Sri Lanka, you must wait for at least 6 months to be eligible for Adsense.


Make sure that you have published at least 15 to 30 posts on your blog. Not only the number of posts but also the content quality and number of words are also important.

Design of Blog:

Make sure your blog loads fast and fits well on the screen of any device. You need to consider both UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) while choosing a Blogger template.

No Malicious Content:

Google Adsense never accepts sites where the content is malicious and harm the user. Any movie, software, and file downloading sites are not accepted by Adsense.

Besides these points, there is another eligibility term that is your age. You must be 18 years old to be eligible as an Adsense publisher. You can use your parent’s name and identity to sign up on Adsense.

Why Adsense Rejects Blogger Blog?

The most common reason why Adsense rejects Blogger blog is your blog doesn’t meet Adsense terms & conditions and violates the Adsense privacy.

Here I have mentioned the common reason why Adsense rejects your application and how your site violates the Adsense privacy.

Scrapped or insufficient Content:

Content must be unique & reader-friendly to get Adsense approved for your blogger. Google accepts the Adsense application which has 100% unique & valuable content.

Google Adsense doesn’t approve blogs with copyrighted content. Copyrighted means copying content from other websites without permission. Many newbie bloggers make a fault while choosing an image for their blog posts. They just go to image directory or Google, download an image, and upload it in blogs without checking if the website gives permission or not. This is the main reason, most of the bloggers failed to get Adsense approval because of this copyright law infringement.

Site Under Construction:

If you apply on Adsense from your newly developed website then Google Adsense will reject your application with Inventory valuable: Under construction issue.

Google Adsense never accepts the Adsense application of such a website which is not fully developed because an under-construction website never meets the terms & conditions of Adsense.

Even a broken link will deem the site under construction.

Site Navigation:

The most crucial factor & reason for Adsense application rejection is blog design. The design of your blog must be responsive, easy to navigate & mobile-friendly. If your blog doesn’t fit on other devices & it makes it difficult for your user then be 100% sure your Adsense application wouldn’t be accepted.

Multiple Adsense Account:

If you have already an Adsense account, then Google will not accept your Adsense approval. A user can own only a single account so applying for Adsense with the same email address also violates privacy policy.


Traffic is not a necessary thing for Adsense approval. Pageviews are not considered while checking a site by the Adsense team.

I have found some newbie bloggers using bots and online tools to exchange traffic. Such illegal activity on your blog may not lead you to get Adsense approval.

You can share your blog post link on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and social bookmarking websites such as Pinterest, Reddit, Mix, and Medium to drive quality traffic on your blog.

You can also boost your new blog and drive traffic through blog commenting.

Things To Do Before Applying Applying For Adsense

Qualify Blogger for Adsense
Qualified Blogger Blog for Adsense

1. Write High-Quality Content:

Content is King

Content is the most significant factor which makes the Adsense team decide whether to approve or reject an application. Not only a blogger blog, but even a WordPress blog is checked out to find content quality.

How to write quality content to get Adsense approval for blogger?

  • 100% Original
  • Grammar Error-Free
  • Long Content (500-1000 words)
  • Use Headings

While choosing images for your blog, use only copyright-free images. You can create thumbnail & images using Canva. You can find royalty-free images in photo stock sites such as Pixabay & Pexels.

2. Have Sufficient Posts:

You must have sufficient content and posts before applying for Adsense. You should have published 15 to 30 posts on your site. If you create content on different categories then you must have 3 to 4 posts on each category or label. Never leave a single category empty.

Creating a huge number of posts with few words won’t work. Every post should have 500 to 1000 words.

3. Make Blog Posts SEO Optimized:

Make your blog posts SEO optimized with Meta Title and Description Tag. The meta tags describe and help crawler bots to know what the content is about.

Every day a huge number of Adsense application is submitted. It is not possible to review every single website, so the Adsense review team boosts their task with the help of crawler bot. That’s why it is necessary to have a Meta Title and Description in your blogs.

You are allowed to write Meta Title up to 69 characters and Meta Description should be less than 156 characters (including spaces). You can use the Google SERP Snippet Optimization tool to write an optimized Meta Title and Description.

Add “Alt Tags” for every image you upload on your blog posts.

4. Pages:

Not only quality & lengthy posts, but some pages must be included in the blog that describes your blog & helps a visitor to contact you.

These pages are essential requirements that show up you as a professional blogger.

To create about us page & terms of use page or privacy policy page most of the new bloggers use the online tool, but this is wrong. As we have discussed above content must be unique, but the generated content is almost the same for all sites. So write content for about us & privacy policy page on your own word.

Your Blogger contact form must work & you must receive a mail when someone sends you a message. Add additional information below contact form like Facebook page link, Twitter profile link & Address.

5. Adsense Friendly Blog Design:

Adsense friendly blog design means your blog must be well designed with SEO friendly template. Choose the best responsive blogger template that has a good & professional-looking blog design.

While choosing a template for your blog the major points you should consider about:

  • Clean & professional blog design
  • site navigation
  • navigation bar
  • loading time
  • SEO optimized or not
  • font-family and font-size

6. Fully Developed Site:

One of the reasons for Adsense application rejection is that your blog may be under construction. If your blog is not fully developed then, Adsense can’t get approved.

A blog must be fully developed with all necessary widgets to be qualified for Adsense.

Remove the template’s logo and add a logo on your Blogspot blog. Replace the Blogspot’s favicon and add your own favicon.

Display pages such as About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy & Terms of Use on the top menu bar of your site. Display all the labels or categories on the main menu bar.

Never leave even a single menu-item empty. Add at least 3 posts on each label (menu-item) you display on the main menu bar.

navigation bar in Blogger

7. Check If your Blog is Blocked:

Adsense is a part of Google so it will check the quality of your site in Google. If search engines block your blog, then Adsense will reject your application.

site check in Google

To check if your blog is blocked by Google, search for “” or ““. If your blog is available on the search result page, then your blog is safe & not blocked.

Submit your blog with sitemap & robots.txt file on Google search console to identify & solve any issue on your site.

Wrapping Up – Blogger Adsense Approval:

Follow all the Blogger Adsense approval tricks highlighted here. These tricks work for both bloggers & WordPress blogs. Before applying, remove Ads banner or other Ad-network ads.

If you want to get Adsense approval fast on your Blogger site then you can add a custom top-level domain. I was also struggling for Adsense approval on my first Blogger blog but after adding custom domain on it, I got approval within 2 months.

While applying for Adsense check out Ads set up code is correctly placed. If you are under 18, then you can use your parent’s information to apply.

To generate passive income from Blogging you can work with high-Paying Affiliate Programs.

If you have still some problems with Adsense approval on your Blogger blog then feel free to describe your issues on the comment box right below.

Blogger Adsense Approval  — Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should I apply for Adsense on blogger?

    After your blogger website is fully developed including 20 unique articles with 500+ words, and reached 6 months of age, you can apply for Adsense.

  2. Which blogger template is best for Adsense?

    You can choose the best responsive, fast loading blogger template like TopMagazine & EasyMag for Adsense.

  3. Why is my blogger not eligible for Adsense?

    May be, Your blogger is not completely developed and don’t have enough post or violates the Adsense policy.

  4. How does Blogger qualify for AdSense?

    To qualify your Blogger blog for Adsense, you need to have a completely developed blog and 20 posts, each post should have 500+ unique words.

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  1. Anagor Emmanuel

    Hy , please I have a disclaimer page , terms and condition, about us , contact us , privacy policy pages .
    Is this too much

    1. Bipin Milan

      How many posts do you have on your website? The number of posts not only matters but you must have quality content of 500+ words and you can’t use adult content and pictures too.


    hey i have made a website for downloading engineering notes

    can you tell what all changes i should make to make it adsense approval
    i got about 40-50views daily

    this website function properly on pc/laptop but in mobile the navigation menus like home,privacy policy,!st year c-cycle,these all are not seen in mobile,instead it shows “more” for this navigation menus/pages.HOW TO MAKE IT LOOK GOOD IN MOBILE BROWSER

    can you please suggest how i can solve this,also please suggest me some names of free blogger themes that are professional looking and also looks good when opened in a mobile browser
    (please tell theme name or link)

    please suggest me all changes to make it adsense approval

    1. Bipin Milan

      Hey, you can choose one of the template from this Free Responsive Blogger Templates list.
      You have not enough posts and the content length in your blog post is not enough too. You need to write a bit lengthy post and also need to improve content quality.
      There is a lot of changes you need to make on your blog.
      First, you need to upload a logo and favicon instead of site title and description.
      Create a Contact Us page and make sure your contact form works. Follow this blog post to Integrate Contact Form on your Blogger Blog.
      Add About, and Privacy Policy page.

  3. Tahir Khan

    Bipin milan,
    Sir my blog is “” but I have been rejected by Adsense twice. I can’t understand why. please sir check my blog and give me some suggestions…… currently i have applied “Adsterra” network ads but i want ad sense approval. Thanks in advance

    1. Bipin Milan

      In your blog, it seems you are using advertisement banners and spacious redirect of other Ad networks. Before applying on Google Adsense your website must be clean, responsive, and mobile-friendly with 100% original content.
      Try removing these ads banners and add a custom top-level domain instead of a free domain. Google Adsense can be easily approved on the Blogspot subdomain so adding a free custom domain is useless.

  4. azika perera

    Dear Sir,I have done which you told to change in my site.As you mention.My Language ( Sinhala ) not support to google adsense.So i started to write in English.Please inform me,Should i delete my past pages and post in Sinhala language because i have totally 8000 page views from them.
    Thank Your Sir

    1. Bipin Milan

      If it is possible and you’ve fewer blog posts then it is best to translate the title & content into the English language.

      1. azika perera

        Thank You Sir

  5. Rahul Patel

    Sir my blog is but I have not got Adsense approval. Sir please check my site and reply your valuable suggestions……Thank You

    1. Bipin Milan

      Hey Rahul, you need to create a contact form on the contact us page, you have attached some contact details but this is not enough. You can use any third-party form builder tool to build a contact form. Here is the article you should follow to Add a Contact Form on Blogspot
      On the menu bar, there is a label called “Blog Feed”. Either remove it from the menu bar or add relevant content under the Blog Feed label.
      Display all the categories or label like Cricket, Health, Festival(on the menu bar) under which you publish the article.
      Make sure all the content is unique and use only copyright-free images inside your blog post.
      Remove all the default link or widget of the template.

      1. Rahul Patel

        Sir, I have done all the necessary changes as suggested by you…How much do I have to wait for a sense?? 🤓

        1. Bipin Milan

          Hey Rahul, could you please try by adding the link of your own social media account, in the “Explore Us” widget, remove the default link and add your own.
          Display all the Labels(Category) in the Menu bar under which you are publishing the blog post. Before applying for Adsense make sure you are using copyright-free images.

          1. Rahul Patel

            Sorry to disturb you Sir ,
            But, I have made all the necessary changes as you mentioned and my blog is a month old now…
            So, Any more tips to to improve my blog would be grateful. THANK YOU 🤩

          2. Rahul Patel

            Sorry to disturb you Sir ,
            But, I have made sub-pages and removed the inessential links and my blog is a month old now…
            So, Any more tips to to improve my blog would be grateful. THANK YOU 🤩

          3. Bipin Milan

            Now your blog looks great. You can improve your blog by adding a Privacy Policy Page. Start driving traffic to your blog. In the beginning days, it is difficult to get organic traffic, so use Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Mix, Medium to drive traffic to your blog.
            It is better to add copyright-free images on your blog post.

  6. Baraka

    Sir, my AdSense account rejected but all content is original I don’t know the problem please check my site

    1. Bipin Milan

      The first thing you need to make a change on your blog is the “Contact Us” page. Inside your contact us page, there is no way for your reader to contact & send a message to you. You need to add a contact form in it. You can use any third-party form builder tool to create a form. For more guidelines check this article, How to Add a Contact Form on Blogger?
      Your site is in Blogspot, you can easily get Adsense approval on Blogspot sub-domain so kindly remove your free custom domain.
      Changing the template can also work for you. You can use other Premium Looking Free Blogger Template.
      Display your pages on the top menu bar and display all labels or categories in the main menu bar to make your blog more professional.
      Replace the default Blogspot favicon and add your own favicon.
      Instead of Disclaimer, it could be better to add a “Terms & Condition” page.
      Drive some traffic to your blog, you can use social media, social bookmarking sites, and Quora to drive quality traffic.

  7. azika perera

    Dear Sir,My blog is Please inform me why i can’t get adsens approvel

    1. Bipin Milan

      Hey, I don’t understand which language you are writing the article, please make sure whether Adsense support your native language or not.
      At first, make your Blogspot blog more professional, you can use these Free BlogSpot Themes. Then customize your new Blogspot theme with a necessary menu bar. Add privacy policy, and about us page. Make sure these pages are shown properly in the menu bar. Add a contact us page on your Blog. You can follow this article to add Contact Form on BlogSpot. Add more articles on your blog.

      1. azika perera

        Thank You Sir,I found that my native language not support for google Adsense.
        Thank You Sir,God bless you

        1. Bipin Milan

          Now start writing content on the English language.

  8. Seb

    Hi Bipin!

    I hope you are well. Thank you for your fantastic, very helpful post.

    I guess my blog needs Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of use. Apart from that, may I kindly ask You to briefly go through my website and look what should be else included? My traffic is 200-800 daily.

    Would you recommend to get my own domain? Will not people stop to visit the blog after the website address change? Thank you

    Best regards,


    1. Bipin Milan

      At first, make your Blogspot blog more professional, you can use these Free BlogSpot Themes. Then customize your new Blogspot theme with a necessary menu bar. Add privacy policy, and about us page. Make sure these pages are shown properly in the menu bar. Add a contact us page on your Blog. You can follow this article to add Contact Form on BlogSpot. Add more articles on your blog.
      You can easily set a custom domain on your BlogSpot blog after you set up the custom domain, you can redirect the old Blogspot subdomain into the new custom domain.

      1. Seb

        Thank you so much 🙂

  9. Om gadage

    Bipin milan,
    Sub-application to check my blog eligible for adsense
    Hello sir,
    I am requested to you please check my blog is it eligible for adsense

  10. Om gadage

    Bipin milan,
    Sub-application to check my blog eligible for adsense
    Hello sir,
    I am requested to you please check my blog is it eligible for adsense

    1. Bipin Milan

      Hey at first you need to manage your “Menu Bar”. Make your menu bar easy to navigate. Customize your menu bar and remove the default label from the menu bar. Remove the “Sitemap” page from your top menu bar it is not necessary. Add more posts to your blog. Add widgets on the footer of your blog. Manage your sidebar. Make sure your blog is completely developed.
      If you need any help then do comment again.

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