8 Pinterest SEO Tips to Drive Blog Traffic from Pinterest

When I started my first blog, I was always searching for a traffic source, and I found Pinterest as a free traffic source.

But to drive traffic from Pinterest wasn’t an easy job for me. After reading a few blog post, I’ve filtered eight proven tactics for bloggers to drive blog traffic from Pinterest.

When I followed all the proven Pinterest optimization tactics and analyzed the result of each week after applying and interpreting the conclusion there was a massive change in blog page views.

These tactics become a 100% working method to skyrocket traffic from Pinterest.

increase page views from Pinterest traffic

Not only traffic, but I also started getting daily 100+ follower to my Pinterest account. The benefit from more follower is there is more chance to join group boards and collaborate with other popular Pinterest user.

grow daily 100+ Pinterest follower
Pinterest Follower

So in this post, I am going to share all the tactics I have applied to grow my Pinterest account.

Sign up for a Pinterest business account

The first common step found on every Pinterest guide is signing up for a Pinterest business account.

A Pinterest personal account is like your Facebook profile, and a Pinterest business account is like a Facebook page. A Pinterest business account gives access to analyze your Pinterest profile, from which country your Pins receive clicks.

With a Pinterest Business account, you can also analyze the website domain. You can examine which Pin is getting more click, the daily impression of Pins, the number of repins.

increase blog traffic from Pinterest

For free access to Pinterest business analytics to grow brand, you need to convert personal account into a business account. Go to Pinterest Business Account, and turn the existing account into a business account.

pinterest free business account
Business Account

Next, you have to claim your blog or website domain, so that you can analyze the performance of the content on Pinterest and website visits from Pins.

Pinterest analytics
Claim Website

Set up boards relevant to your niche

The second step you need to follow is setting up boards on Pinterest. Creating a new blog board with keywords (i.e., relevant to your niche) is the right tactics to optimize Pinterest account to rank higher on Pinterest search.

While creating a board for a niche blog, you must add the relevant keywords in board name and board description.

Set up pinterest board for blog
Pinterest Board

Once you have set up board add 15 to 30 pins in each board. You can save other Pins from various resources. But remember pin must be relevant to your board.

Pinterest Keyword Research

To skyrocket visibility of your Pin on Pinterest, you must have used Pinterest keywords. Like Google, Pinterest also suggests the popular keyword that has a high search rate.

Pinterest Quick Keyword Search:

To discover potential keyword with high search volume for your new Pin, you can type a keyword for which Pinterest will automatically suggest relevant keywords.

Pinterest Keyword Research

Not only keywords, but Pinterest quick search also suggest big boards and pinners name.

Another method used by most of the user is Pinterest Keyword Guided search. Merely put a word and hit enter then Pinterest will suggest popular keywords.

Integrate Pinterest and blog for Rich Pins

This tool is the reason why you should have a Pinterest business account. Enabling Pinterest Rich Pins for your blog let you generate more traffic from Pinterest.

Rich Pin is a special Pinterest business tool that leads users to include additional information. Article Rich Pin includes Site Name, Article Title, Description, Author and Date, “Read it” button.

Article Rich Pins read necessary article data from your blog by identifying every blog posts.

Pinterest Rich pins for bloggers

Before starting with Rich Pins be sure Open Graph MetaData is enabled. To check this status, I recommend you to install the Yoast SEO plugin.

To apply for Pinterest Rich Pins for your blog follow these instruction step-by-step:

  • Choose a blog post URL which has necessary metadata like description, title, author, published date.
  • Enter the chosen URL and click Validate.
  • Solve any error seen in your metadata before applying for Article Rich Pins.
  • After successful validation with no error, click Apply Now.

Once you have validated and applied for one blog post URL, Rich Pins tool will be enabled for the whole domain automatically.

Create Pinterest Pins

Once you enable article rich Pins for your blog its time to create content reach Pin inside a board that will drive blog traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social media with visual content; adding a stunning photo for your Pins can make it viral. Image Dimension for Pin is 735 * 1102 pixels. While creating a Pin include popular Keyword in Title and Description. Pin those pins to the relevant board. Never use a copyrighted image to create a Pin.

You can create a few more Pins for the same blog post adding different infographics.

Join Group Boards

Group boards are gold mine of blog traffic, tool to reach the audience fast and build the brand of your Pinterest profile. In general term, Group board is the place where more than one user is allowed to pin.

Pinterest boards are the place where you can contribute and collaborate with other relevant pinners. Every Pinterest board members add their followers which increase the number of board audience.

The most significant benefit of relevant group bards is that more user can save your pins.

Pinterest group board
Pinterest Group Board

To create a Pinterest group board, you can invite other Pinners to collaborate and contribute to it. To do this, click “Edit” on board and add collaborators.

Invite followers to collaborate on group board
Invite to group board

You can request to join group boards just by sending a message to group owners.

Increase Followers

Now it’s time to shine your profile by following other Pinterest users in your niche.

To increase niche relevant Pinterest followers, you must have a good looking profile with strong description and pinned relevant content.

Follow Pinterest user on your niche

You must find out who are popular Pinterest users in your niche and analyze how they are using Pinterest to grow their blog.

It’s easier to make a connection with a small Pinterest account since they tend to follow you back immediately and save your pins.

Join Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind is a powerful Pinterest scheduling tool which consists of Tribes for collaboration to grow your Pinterest reach and drive traffic from Pinterest. A tailwind tribe is similar to a Pinterest group board with the smart Pin scheduling feature.

Tailwind is free for everyone to schedule first 100 pins.

Tailwind tribe performance report
Tailwind Tribe Performance

Tailwind allows multiple users to contribute and collaborate in a relevant tribe. You can find the right tribe that is relevant to your business brand or blog niche.

Tailwind tribe is a mine that helps your pin to receive massive repins that surely increase blog traffic from Pinterest.

Even a small Pinterest account is also receiving up to 20 repins from one scheduled pin inside the tribe.


You already know that you need to shine your Pinterest profile with relevant blog boards, brand or niche relevant followers and pins with stunning photos to hit repins.

To drive massive traffic from Pinterest to blog, you must have a membership of Pinterest boards and famous tribes.

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